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Our Policies & Terms of Service

Fairy Tale Tea Parties

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Policies and Terms of Service (951) 784-1433

We Schedule Parties 7 days a week based on availability

Our Tea Parties are Reserved on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

It is best to allow 3 to 5 weeks in advance for reservations for best party date choice. Custom created parties will require 8-12 weeks planning and preparation time (you can always call to check our availability, if in less time).

Depending on the Party Package & additional services you choose, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure date.
Cash, PayPal, Money Order or Check Payable: Fairy Tale Tea Parties

All other Tea Parties such our Custom Parties, D.I.Y. Rentals, Bridal or Baby Showers will have a deposit determined at time of pricing.

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds: 

If you decide to cancel your party for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable. 

We plan, prepare and purchase items for your event and for that reason we require a 14 day written notice to reschedule your party and ensure full credit of your deposit. Less than 14 days notice will be deemed a cancellation of your event and deposit is forfited.

Based on our availability, we will always do our best to work with you to reschedule your party should an emergency arise. Parties must be rescheduled within 60 days of original event date.


We plan, prepare and purchase items for your event and for that reason we do not offer refunds or credits for guests who do not show up for your event. You will be charged according to your confirmed final head count, which is done 5-10 days prior to your event.

Forms of Payment:
We currently accept: Money Order, Cash, PayPal or Personal Check for deposits & payments (please allow 10 days for checks to clear) 
Make checks payable to: Fairy Tale Tea Parties
Any Returned Check or item: $25.00 fee

Final Balance: We require final balance be paid in CASH ONLY upon arrival on the day of your event.

If arrangments have been made, we can accept payments toward your final balance any time prior to your party. If you are paying your balance via PayPal, it must be received 4 days prior to party. Any additions after that must be paid by cash the day of party prior to setting up.

Set up & Clean up: We will arrive approximately 2-3 hours prior to party start time to set up, depending on party package. It will take us approximately 1-2 hours after party for clean up.
For Tea Parties, we require close access to a kitchen for clean up.

Minimum/Maximum Attendance: Our Children's Party Packages are designed for a minimum of 8 guests including the guest of honor/birthday girl. A maximum of 16 guests is recommended for our tea party with glamour session.

RSVP Confirmation:  We will contact you between 5-10 days prior to your party to confirm your final guest count. This will be the number we use to determine our staff and appropriate quantities for costumes, favors, crafts and food (if applicable) and we will charge accordingly. No refunds or credits are given after final head count has been confirmed or for guests who do not show up on the day of event.

Attendance of guests:  Some guests may not show up to the party even if they RSVP. Please remember that we charge according to the final guest count that you provided prior to the party, not the number of children that show up. If a guest does not show up we recommend a relative sit and have tea such as a Grandma, Mom, Aunt or Dad.

Boys in Attendance: Our tea parties with glamour session is popular with girls and some boys may not want to participate in a "tea party". We do not want to leave anyone out so we do offer costumes, pirate place settings, crafts and activities to accommodate any boys who will be participating. Please inform us if any boys will be in attendance prior to booking your event so that we can discuss options and properly plan for your event.

Siblings of guests:  Our party packages cover only the guest of honor and their guests.  Please include any siblings in the final guest count if you would like for them to participate in the party activities.

Late arrivals:  Please advise all guests that the party will begin promptly at the scheduled time.  All activities are carefully planned out and any child arriving late may join the activities at the point they have progressed. This is necessary to ensure the least amount of disruption to the party and your understanding is appreciated.

Non-participation or Disruptive Behavior:  The Party Coordinator is responsible for the flow of the party and the party activities. We kindly ask that you monitor disruptive behavior and attend to any child who does not want to participate. This will help us to provide the best possible party for you, your child and your guests.

Guest Attire: Some of our parties include costumes/dress up. The children do not get undressed, and we ask that the girls come prepared wearing a shorts, tank top or leotard to wear under clothes. We ask that guests do not play in a jumper while in costume.

Boys wear costumes over their clothes.

Adults at party:  We ask that the 1 parent or guardian of the birthday child to please stay for the duration of the party to attend to possible needs of the children. The parents of guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the fun, but we ask that onlookers keep the noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted and can adequately hear instructions from the hostess.

Outdoor parties:  If the weather is nice, you may take the party outdoors to a clean, non-grassy, non-dirt covered area such as a patio, deck or garage. The children will not be permitted to go on to grassy or dirt areas while in attire and accessories provided by Fairy Tale Tea Parties.

We reserve the right to determine if the outdoor area is suitable for our equipment.

Please provide an area indoors for the children to change into costumes.

In addition, please have an indoor back-up location available to accommodate all guests in case of inclement weather conditions. Remember that children may not want to dress up and may not enjoy the party as much if it is hot and humid or cold and raining outside.

Please advise Fairy Tale Tea Parties of the possibility of an outdoor party prior to booking event.  

Parking:  Please allow ample space in your driveway or in front of your home for us to park, as we will have some heavy items to carry into your home.  In case of rain, entrance through a covered garage would be greatly appreciated.

Travel/Delivery Fee: All pricing listed on our website is for within the City of Riverside. Some surrounding cities are slightly higher in price. We always include any travel &/or delivery fees in the pricing we send you and before a deposit is accepted.

Liability:  Fairy Tale Tea Parties, it's Owner's and Employee's assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or property damage.

We assume no responsibility or liability for allergies relating to food items consumed during and after party.

We assume no responsibility or liability for allergies due to costume wear, make-up or injuries to party guests.

As Professional Event Planners, we can assure you we will provide a safe and entertaining environment for your guests and we will treat your home with the up most respect and care.  

Damage:  We understand that accidents can happen, however; the client will be held responsible for damage &/or loss sustained to costumes and property of Fairy Tale Tea Parties.

Client obligations:

  • Please provide enough tables and chairs to accommodate seating for your guests. We do rent tables & chairs - please call for additional pricing.
  • Provide safe, clean areas for other activities: craft, make up and dressing area. We also need an area for any games and/or ceremonies.
  • You are responsible for moving/removing any of your home furnishings for needed room prior to our arrival.  
  • Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests, if they will be staying during the party.
  • Provide a smoke free environment.
  • Please have 1 parent/guardian remain with or near the party at all times.
  • Make sure any family pets are in a safe place.

Other Considerations: For purposes of maintaining the highest quality of our costumes, we kindly ask that any food and beverages that will be served to the children while in costume be:

Light colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch) and please, no food items containing tomatoes, tomato sauce or dark colored jellies.

We reserve the right to refuse certain food items that may damage our costumes.

Although, we understand accidents may happen, the client will be held responsible for damage &/or loss to Fairy Tale Tea Parties Property.

We can discuss your menu and menu options with you beforehand as a courtesy.

In the event of inclement weather, serious illness or other unforeseen emergency, we reserve the right to cancel any event and offer an alternative party date.

Photos:  We always encourage you to take your own pictures. We do ask that any photos of our work you post on the Internet be solely for personal use only. Any photos of our work are not to published on a business website or for any other business purpose without our permission.

All photos taken by our Company are the sole ownership of Fairy Tale Tea Parties.

Fairy Tale Tea Parties may use pictures from our parties for promotional purposes on our website, print ads or publications.

We always respect every individual's right to privacy and for this reason personal information or e-mails will NEVER be disclosed or sold to a third party.

Fairy Tale Tea Parties has provided this account of our Policies and Terms of Service with the assumption that you have read and agree to our Policies before Signing the Party Agreement.

Please Ask for Clarification if there are any questions regarding the above Policies before reserving your party. 

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